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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Lupovici and his entire staff were wonderful – extremely professional, responsive and accomodating. I had virtually no pain or swelling after having my top two wisdom teeth removed, and have already recommended Dr. Lupovici to several friends and colleagues!

Removed three broken teeth. Bone regeneration to support implants (3-4 months). Inserted implants once there was enough bone. Completely successful! Minimal pain considering the extensive procedures. Office staff submitted all insurance claims. Great chair-side manner – we had many interesting conversations, always explained everything he was doing, answered all the questions I pestered him with, etc. Super office staff – always friendly and accommodating.

I have been searching for the right doctor for a long time. I have what some might consider some nerve wracking surgery tomorrow but I am not worried at all. Everyone I have described Dr.Lupovici and his staff and his practice and the other doctors (cosmetic) he recommends, say the same thing. YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS. Thank you all on the internet for steering me to Dr. Lupovici and his terrific world of dentistry!

Dr Lupovici is one of those doctors that you don’t want to tell anyone about, lest he become so popular that it’s impossible to get an appointment. As someone who has, and continues to have, extensive work done to her mouth, however, I feel compelled to share my experience in the hopes that it will help future patients. Dental work is not fun; nor is it cheap. Dr Lupovici makes it as painless a procedure as possible, and after doing some web research, I found his prices to be competitive. I have had five extractions (4 were wisdom teeth), a dental implant, a crown lengthening, and will likely have more work done in the future. He performs procedures in a thoughtful and technically superior manner. He is extremely knowledgeable and accessible. (e.g., He calls each patient to check up the night of a wisdom tooth extraction to make sure you are still alive.) Your concerns will become his. Enough said.

Peer Recommendation

I have worked with Dr. John Lupovici for many years. He is a conscientious person with an impeccable knowledge of current research and the latest techniques. Furthermore, he is a consummate surgeon especially with regards to dental implants. The vast majority of my patients whom he treats with implants are shocked at how painless the procedure is. He practices in a very comfortable environment, putting patients at ease with his calming bedside manner. He gives each patient his undivided attention and actively listens to them. I would send my mother to see him without reservation.

Dr. Lupovici is funny, kind, nice and enjoys a good laugh. All the people who work in his office are genuinely happy people who love their jobs and that makes the whole atmosphere of the place very relaxed. I have been seeing Dr. Lupovici for about a year and a half, and it literally feels like I am going to visit a friend when I go for my appointments. I wish all my doctor appointments were like this.

Also, I think it’s important to say that he does not push procedures on you. He suggests things only when it becomes absolutely necessary, and even then, he gives you information and then just lets you think about it.

All I can say is I hope he doesn’t retire before I die! Otherwise he may find me on his doorstep begging for dental procedures. And you know what? He’d probably answer the door.

I had been treated by four periodontists before Dr. Lupovici and I’m so relieved that I finally found a periodontist who listens to my concerns and explains the treatments. He guided me through the procedures and was extremely considerate of my feelings and fears.

I had the same procedures performed by the other periodontists and this was the first time I wasn’t in pain during and after. The whole experience enables me to imagine a future of dental appointments wherein I don’t start dreading the appointment weeks in advance or look for reasons to cancel. The entire staff was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and personable and the office elegant and immaculate.

Peer Recommendation

Dr. Lupovici is an incredibly talented surgeon and has phenomenally good technique in placing dental implants. I have worked with many surgeons before and have not seen the caliber of work that Dr. Lupovici regularly produces. All of my patients have raved about how good Dr. Lupovici is and have never complained about being in any discomfort prior to, during, or after surgical procedures.

As a dental specialist, I am very impressed.

As my wonderful dentist highly recommended and praised for Dr. Lupovici’s expertise, certainly, Dr. Lupovici is the best implant specialist and periodontist I have ever met. I completed 5 implants and one tissue grafting with painless procedure. I need to have 3-4 more implants, and I would only have Dr. Lupovici to do the procedure. Dr. Lupovici uses the latest technology and techniques that his diagnosis and hands are first rate. Dr. Lupovici’s consulting is always very sincere for the best of my oral health. With Dr. Lupovici’s incredibly high skills, I am extremely grateful and thankful for the beautiful results. Also the entire procedure Dr. Lupovici and his wonderful staff provide makes me at ease and comfortable that I become very sleepy during the treatment. All the staff, especially Leilany who works for Dr. Lupovici for a long time, is not only highly professional and skilled but extremely warm, caring and friendly. They are also very sincere to listen to financing issue and provide generousity for the best of my oral health.

I truly know that I am getting the best care available with most up to date techniques and methods. With my exceptional results proof, I highly recommend Dr. Lupovici and his wonderful staff.

I fell off my bike when 10 years old and knocked out a front tooth. Since then I have been through multiple new crowns and ended up with a crack in the root, through no fault of anyone. I was referred to Lupovici for implant. I found the entire process, whilst not something you choose to have done, entirely painless with Lupovici. If you are thinking of having implants he is the person to see. He is young enough to be up on all that is happening in his field since he travels and gains and gives knowledge to other professionals globally, but experienced enough to have seen all there is that occurs. The procedure of removing and placing my implant was painless and the follow up thorough including his call on the same evening of the procedure. There is no doubt in my mind to question anything Lupovichi is saying as he has already done all the work to gather global opinions in his area of expertise. All staff are exceptional which is great bonus, but really once you are complete, its the skill of this specialist that is most important to me.