Practice Policies

Office Policies


Dental Insurance is different from Medical Insurance. Many patients aren’t familiar with the specifics of their dental insurance benefits. Your dental benefits are based on the agreement your employer negotiated with your insurance carrier. Please review the insurance benefits booklet provided by your employer to better understand the benefits they make available as part of your insurance coverage. The patient payment portion covered for procedures varies depending on the coverage provided by your employer.

An estimate of the amount covered by your insurance company will be provided at the time of your treatment, based on the information they provide to us. The estimate is never a guarantee of benefits or the amount that will be paid. We will file all insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients. This does not, however, transfer the responsibility of your financial obligation to the insurance company. If the amount paid by the insurance company is less than or greater than the estimate, then you will be billed the difference or issued a credit on the account in the event of an overpayment. Please let us know if you have questions about our financial policies or financing options prior to your treatment.

We have no control over when we will be paid by your carrier for our services. Therefore, we ask that you view your insurance realistically as a device that reimburses for dental expenses. It is your company and it is your responsibility to see that you are reimbursed promptly. We will fulfill our obligation by completing all forms pertaining to your claim and sending them promptly to your company to help you obtain the reimbursement you may be entitled to receive.

Out customary procedure in handling our patients’ accounts is the same for patients without insurance coverage. We request that you keep your account current.

Financial Information

Every effort is being made to keep down the cost of dental care. You can help us by paying for treatment at the time of your visit. If your treatment will require several visits, you will receive an estimate of the proposed services so that some form of financial arrangements can be made. To assist you in this, several options are available for your convenience.

  1. Payment at the time of the service is rendered by cash, check or charge card.
  2. Payments at each visit for treatment requiring several visits i.e., one half in advance with the balance paid in full at the final visit.
  3. Professional budget plan after an initial payment; the balance is divided into monthly installments. Arrangements must be made before the start of treatment.

Cancellation Policy

Kindly provide at least 48 hours notice for any appointment that needs to be rescheduled. Appointments cancelled in less than 24 hours may be subject to a cancellation charge.